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Q: How does the proposal follow a community-adopted consensus master plan? If it does not, please show a proposal that does. Citizens are not 'deal makers'... everyone wants the law to be followed. Not rocket science, I think.

The proposed project is consistent with NBV-100. The only significant variations being requested are additional height and larger floor plates. No increase in density is being requested. As a result, there will be less buildings on the site.

Q: Would Sunbeam Properties be open to funding a small memorial, or name one of the island walk areas—or any other project—after the three residents we lost this summer? I think that would be beautiful and appreciated by all.

Certainly. We can work with you to come up with something. We have been envisioning a commemorative piece for my father and grandfather and our long time EVP & General Manager, Bob Leider

Q: Also check out the areas by the now short term rental buildings - like Sextant- on east drive- always trash in the street , these short term renters have little respect for neighborhood and building does nothing to monitor this - will you take responsibility for the maintenance of public areas around walkways and streets

Absolutely. We are and will continue to be heavily invested in NBV. Our intention is to hold onto the development generationally. Accordingly, we will be extremely sensitive to trash, noise and keeping the city safe.

Q: Concessions that match the proportions of the variances you're asking for over existing code. For example, if existing code requires 5% workforce housing, but you're expecting a 2x increase in height allowance, then are you willing to provide 2x workforce housing units (10%)? I know there are substantial fees being paid to the City, but are they 2x what they would've been under existing regulations/plans? You see where I'm going? How do we make sure the quid and quo match?

The City has negotiated concessions from Sunbeam which include workforce housing in excess of the required 5%, monetary contributions in excess of $3,400,000 that are not required otherwise and accelerated payment of impact fees and community contribution fees. In addition, Sunbeam has agreed to build a dog park and apply for a building permit within a fixed timeframe, things that are not required unless the application is approved. As proposed, the project will create additional open space and civic space, better view corridors and more light and air. The Island Walk is currently not required to be at Channel 7 or Grove By the Bay. Sunbeam has agreed to install the Island Walk on these properties and will provide an Island Walk that is wider than the required 25 feet in many areas. Additional project benefits are discussed in my replies below and will be elaborated at the Oct 19 Town Hall.

Q: Can you add access to water and Baywalk. Also how will it help make nbv more walkable. Can you make sidewalks wider and plant shade trees for pedestrians?

Multiple pedestrian access points from 79th Street to the Island Walk will be provided. Shade trees will be placed along all pedestrian walkways and, in particular, the Island Walk. Plant species will be carefully curated to provide selections that are resilient to the salty environment and heavy winds. The seawall and Island Walk will be elevated roughly 3 feet higher than required to provide additional resiliency to wave action, storm surge and rising sea level.

Q: I've read all the comments, all are very valid concerns - but I'm also wondering if FPL can handle the extensive electrical load from these new properties, as we have had many power disruptions on Treasure Island this summer alone.

Great question! Before we begin any construction, we will verify that there is adequate electrical, water and sewer service. Preliminary investigation by our engineers show that there is. If there is something that we can do to improve FPL, we will be very motivated to investigate. We are familiar with the electrical issues, as we have been operating Channel 7 from North Bay Village for the last 60 years.

Q: Retain as many trees as possible.

We will retain as many trees as possible and mitigate those that cannot be retained. We are particularly sensitive to the iconic Royal Palms that flank the entrance to Channel 7. The project will have many more trees and much more lush landscaping than what is currently in place.

Q: Can you address parking, traffic, security?

We will address parking, traffic and security at the Town Hall. Please feel free to bring up if we miss any of these. Parking will exceed what is required by code. Sunbeam consistently overparks our projects across the country, as we feel abundant parking adds value to a project. Parking can determine success or failure. As we are building in compliance with NBV-100 and not increasing density or intensity, the project should create no more traffic than what would be created if building heights were not increased. If the project’s goal of creating a 15-minute city is realized (where jobs, residences, restaurants and entertainment are all within a 15-minute walk), the traffic created by our project should be less than if the sites were developed individually and not as part of the proposed mixed-use master plan. Private security will be employed by Sunbeam as needed and tenants and entertainment will be curated to create a safe and inviting environment. Sunbeam and its owners, the Ansin Family, plan to retain ownership of the entire project generationally. No one is more focused on security and the safety and health of North Bay Village than we are.

Q: Will the temperature raise? Will the proposed building height block the breezes we have here? - in our neighborhood a breeze on a summer night is priceless- the heat emitted by these taller buildings are greater-as such skyscrapers absorb the sun’s heat and hold onto that heat longer. Some heat is released at night, but don’t completely cool down before the sun hits them again. This will change the temperature around tall buildings to be warmer. - Will the water in the bay this side become warmer also? As we have recently seen the effects of the bay overheating and huge fish kills. Also, will you be encouraging more boat traffic and jetskis - its already like a weekend racetrack - Will the sound increase as it echos thru the created canyon?

You are correct that buildings will tend to generate heat. Recall, however, that since Sunbeam is proposing fewer buildings than what code allows, there will be less roof area generating heat. In addition, since there will be fewer buildings, there will be more open space and landscaping. All of this will help to mitigate any heat produced by the buildings. Currently there is very limited landscaping on the 13 acres consisting of the property. It is mostly rooftops and surface parking lots. The project as proposed will be completely different and have abundant green areas and lush landscaping. With regards to the bay, the additional shade provided by the buildings may help reduce the water temperature, which is a major factor in algae blooms and fish kills. Interestingly, the taller buildings proposed by Sunbeam will create shadows over the bay that are longer and thinner and faster moving than what is created by having a greater number of shorter buildings.

With regards to wind, Sunbeam will be engaging wind engineers to study the design of the buildings to minimize the impact on nearby buildings. One day we hope to have a commuter ferry dock and transient docks to serve the Island Walk and associated retail and restaurants. The waters near the project are already a no wake zone, so we will encourage stricter enforcement as necessary. The landscaping and setbacks that will be provided along 79th street together with the landscaping that will clad the parking pedestals should help mitigate noise.