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Sunbeam North Bay Village Render with people sitting at a waterfront restaurantSunbeam North Bay Village Render with people sitting at a waterfront restaurant

Sunbeam NBV SAP

Mission Statement

Broadcast Key was created from sand dredged from Biscayne Bay. Ever since, Biscayne Bay has been fighting to reclaim its sand. One of the most important goals of our project is to provide a beneficial impact on the adjacent waters of Biscayne Bay while defending Broadcast Key from the corrosive and erosive action of those same waters.

Project location

North Bay Village

Project phase

Community review

North Bay Village and Sunbeam Legacy


Sunbeam wants to build a mixed-use community where residents can walk to work, restaurants and retail stores.

Plans include an overhaul of part of Kennedy Causeway, transforming it into a walkable urban center. There will be new retail stores and restaurants on both sides of Kennedy Causeway and along the length of the half-mile Island Walk, opening the bay to everyone.

What's in the Works

Sunbeam Properties is transforming 13 acres in North Bay Village into a vibrant new mixed-use development. The proposed Sunbeam North Bay Village project will create 1,936 residential units, 6% being workforce housing, adding a hotel, new restaurants, a grocer, day care and additional retail opportunities that are committed to have 5% local merchants. WSVN will continue to operate a satellite studio within the project.

The project will have 1.25 acres of space open to the public, including a dog park and access to Biscayne Bay. In addition, a ferry is proposed as an alternative mode of transportation, unprecedented for North Bay Village residents.

What's There Now

The site is currently a television station, radio towers, an office building, vacant restaurants a small shopping center and parking.

What's Happening Next

On August 17th the Village Planning & Zoning Board recommended that the Village Commission approve the project. On August 30th the Village Commission adopted the Sunbeam NBV project regulating plan on first reading.

On September 19th Sunbeam hosted a Town Hall Meeting to present new and updated materials. The Town Hall had an incredible attendance with over 70 people joining in person and another 80+ participating via Zoom.

On Tuesday October 11th at 8:00 PM at Village Hall on the first floor, The Village Commission will hear the Project application for second reading.

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Advantages of Height

Infographic depicting two different renderings of buildings of various heights that reads: Advantages of height without an increase in density or intensity. As of right now 18 towes. Same number of units. fewer buildings on site. allows for buildings of varied heights. More architectural expression. Proposed condition: 8-10 towers. More light and air through the project. Provides opportunity for more open space. Allows for better view corridors. Less Shadows

Preliminary Phasing Plan

Preliminary Phasing Plan graphic reads: Sunbeam will submit for its first building permit within 2 years of project approval. The goal is to have phase 1 and phase 2 constructed and open with in 10 years. Proposed uses: specialty grocery, urgent car & pharmacy, day car, bank, new restaurants & retail, entertainment uses, residential, luxary hotel, WSVN-7 satellite studio, Class A office including co-working, HQ building, research and & education facility, Marina & living laboratory

Community Benefits

Increasing NBV's Tax Base

In addition to increasing the Village's tax base for the Village, School Board and County, Sunbeam SAP will generate over $330 million in annual economic impact.

Investing Back into NBV

Over $20 million in Community Contribution, permit and impact fees to the Village, including a $400,000 contribution to improve and beautify Kennedy Causeway.

Creating a Great Urban Center

The Sunbeam SAP will attract investment and create a compelling destination, including a proposed new luxury hotel and observation deck.

Research & Education Facility

The proposed facility will focus on a Biscayne Bay monitoring and protection program.

LEED Certification

All buildings will meet or exceed the NBV 100 Sustainability Code and be LEED certifiable or equivalent standards.

Proposed Ferry Terminal

In addition to a proposed ferry terminal, we are proposing a publicly accessible marina.

1 1/4 Acre of Open Space

Public open space will include over 30,000 SF of Civic Space and will be landscaped with native plants and trees.

1/2 Mile of new Sea Wall

Raising the Island Walk and first floor elevations of the buildings for the long term resiliency of the site and the village's infrastructure, anticipating the raising of Kennedy Causeway

Pirates Alley

Commercial Buildings will activate Pirates Alley.

1/2 Mile of Island Walk

More than half the Island Walk in a single project. New restaurants and retail opportunities will activate the Island Walk and Kennedy CSWY, with a proposed grocer, day care and essential retail.

15 Minute City

A Complete Lifestyle where most resident's needs can be met within a mile walking distance. With proposed pedestrian bridges across the 79th Street Causeway.

Enhancements to NBV-100

Greater setbacks, fewer buildings and more workforce housing than what is required under the current form based zoning code.

Graphic showing the Mayor's question "What is the village getting in return for what the village is giving up?" Answer Gives- More height, larger floor plates. Gets - Advtanges of height, 50% increase in civic space, 50% increase in open space, $400,000 for imrpovements & beautification of 79th St, $4,000,000 for Sakura Residential units, $7,000,000 in prepaid impact fees, $20,000,000+ in overall impact fees and CCF fees., 1,000 Linear feet of Island walk that isn't required, Pedestrian bridges across 79th Street, Best efforts for ferry, mount sinai urgent care, catalyst for revitalization of retail & essential services, 6% workforce housing (only 5% is required) Obligation to apply for a building permit in 2 years.

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